Daily Archives: 2012-09-27

Book Launch: Floating on a Malayan Breeze by Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh

By Leo Khaw – “For Sudhir, a young Singaporean, to describe himself as ‘Malayan’ piqued my curiosity because I also consider myself one. This lively book is more than just an enjoyable travelogue: it is a series of thoughtful — sometimes provocative — observations on the history, culture, politics, religion and other aspects of our diverse lives in Peninsular Malaysia …

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Old wine in a new bottle: Lawrence Wong

By Tay – Senior Minister Lawrence Wong had recently hit out against netizens’ apparent politicisation of the royal couple’s visit to Queenstown and the televised National Conversation on his facebook page. In his piece, he defends his party, taking the position of a wrongly accused victim in this saga. However, putting things into perspective, his writing comes across as equally, …

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