By Terry Xu

Team Singapore Paralympians went round Orchard road and Gardens by the bay on a Celebratory parade for their awesome performance in the London 2012 Paralympics. The eight athletes were ferried in Aston Martins from Hougang stadium to Orchard Road. The parade convoy also included an open-top double decker bus ferrying staff and press members along the way.

The athletes in their fleet of Aston Martin waved back to supporters standing by the road who were cheering wildly at the athletes, together with passers-by who took a while to understand what was happening before waving back at the athletes with a proud wide smile.

One of the supporters, Raj, a student from University of Singapore was waiting at the ION Orchard to welcome the Paralympians. He said that he was unaware of the parade till the staff from Team Singapore distributed the free cheering props to the public. Asked if he would be dropping down to cheer for the team, he answered with a fast and affirmative, "Yes! Of course".

The parade went on to the Gardens by the Bay at Marina Bay, where the three equestrian riders mounted their horses and went on a parade round the garden together with the rest of the athletes.

Acting Minister of State, Chan Chun Sing gave a speech at the stage,

"They (Paralympians) inspired us to do even better in our respective station in life. All their stories, each and every story is an inspiration for us…

…Their story will spur us to try even harder regardless our station in life so that all of us can achieve together as one Team Singapore."

Supporters of the athletes together with the members of the public crowded around the athletes to catch a glimpse of those who represented Singapore in the Paralympics 2012, especially on Laurentia Tan who had won two medals, a silver and a bronze in the equestrian competitions.

The athletes gave thank you speeches to their families and supporters, with a photo session to end off the well-deserved celebratory parade organized for the Team Singapore Paralympians.