Dear Press,

In response to the spiteful, malicious and vindictive application of last week by the Law Society of Singapore (LSS), to make Mr M Ravi to forcibly submit to a psychiatric evaluation to ascertain his fitness to practise law in Singapore –when there was no reason or need to do so, given that Mr Ravi had already voluntarily and through his own volition submitted himself for examination – Mr Ravi will file an urgent Originating Summons (OS) application in the High Court asking the Court to expel each and every member of the Council of the LSS and call for elections to replace them forthwith.

An urgent application – given the escalation of events and the unremitting pressure being piled upon him, as the LSS ratchets up its systematic attacks on him (details of which will be in the court documents) – will be made before the Duty Registrar by Mr Ravi and his counsel, Mr Louis Joseph, at 9.00 am tomorrow (31.08.12) morning.

Mr Ravi will circulate the OS and his affidavit in support of his application at the premises of the LSS immediately after the morning hearing, as he serves the court documents on the LSS.

For more information please contact Mr Ravi’s counsel, Louis Joseph, on 9751 6328

Yours Faithfully,

Sharlene Asha Naomi
M. Ravi’s Desk
M/s L. F. Violet Netto