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Meritocracy’s demerits

By Bertha Henson – This is the one big value I would fight to keep: Meritocracy. It is the one big reason this kampong girl is now a well-educated, financially-independent woman. No matter what the background, you study hard, work hard, live honestly – and you will be recognised and rewarded. You will get somewhere. Now meritocracy is getting a …

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Announcing SDP's 2nd Annual Football Tournament

PRESS RELEASE Following the success of SDP's football competition organised last year, the Young Democrats are pleased to announce the 2nd SDP Football Tournament. This will be held on 22 September 2012 (Saturday) at [email protected], 69 Balestier Road. Cash prizes of up to $600 will be up for grabs! The number of participating teams will be increased and as with …

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Tan Jee Say: The next steps – 3 options

By Tan Jee Say – In this second part of the interview with the Straits Times on the first anniversary of the 2011 Presidential election, I focus on my plans going forward. Here's the question and answer –   3.  What are your plans moving forward? What are you doing to remain politically engaged and relevant?  Answer : I am …

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Oldest Children’s Home in Singapore Celebrates 110th Anniversary

MEDIA RELEASE  Oldest Children’s Home in Singapore Celebrates 110th Anniversary New Teens’ Annex Planned – Expansion to care for Teenage Girls Children’s Aid Society (CAS) is one of the oldest charities in Singapore – its present name was established in 1902 – this year, we are celebrating our 110th Anniversary. CAS manages Melrose, the oldest children’s home in Singapore – …

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