Response to 'Do more to help Malay drug abusers, urges MP'

By Vincent Law

I refer to the report "do more to help Malay drug abusers, urges MP" on August 17.

Although there were more Malay drug abusers compared to Chinese and Indians in the last two years, however, to expect Malay self-help groups to deal with this exclusively exacerbate differences rather than promote harmony amongst the multi-racial population of the country.

It is inconceivable for any one not to help a fellow Singaporean just because we each belong to a different race and would seem to make light of our citizen's pledge as one united people to build a democratic society base on justice and equality, regardless of race, language or religion.

In fact, this is a good opportunity for Singaporeans to extend a real and practical helping hand to each other to build and strengthen community ties.

In the light of increasing incidences of intolerant online as well as offline uncouth attitudes and insensitive remarks towards members of another racial group, I am convinced that mutual care and genuine concern for each other will break the wall of perfunctory niceties and bridge the racial divide.

Then it would no longer be "us" versus "them" but all belonging together in interdependence and sailing in the same boat towards a shared vision of the future come what may.

This letter by the author was published by Starits Times Online Forum on 24 Aug but had certain edits (in bold) made to the original letter. TOC has acceded to the author's request that the letter be published here without any edits.