Reactions to the the expulsion of Dr Poh Lee Guan from the Workers' Party

~by Cheong Yaoming~

Dr Poh Lee Guan, a long serving Council Member of the of the Workers' Party (WP) has been expelled from the WP effective 12 July 2012.


When contacted, the WP representative Mr Gerald Giam said “As this is an internal party matter, I will not be answering further questions beyond what has been posted on Facebook.”

So far any attempts to get reactions from WP members about Dr Poh’s expulsion have been unsuccessful. Dr Poh has not responded to any communications by TOC thus far as well.

Article 22 of the WP constitution has 3 subsections, two of which deal with expulsion of party members.

(a) The Executive Council, if satisfied that the conduct of any member is contrary to the principles or aims or objects of the Party or prejudicial to the welfare of the Party, may suspend or expel such member from any post in the Party, and demote him to the status of ordinary member if an Organising Member, and expel him from membership of the Party.

(c) Such member may at the next Conference of Organisers attend exclusively for purposes of submitting a resolution seeking to revoke the decision to suspend or demote or expel him, and the Conference may by simple majority of those present and voting either pass or reject that motion without debate. If passed, such member shall be re-instated as of the date of expulsion. If the motion is lost, such person shall at no time thereafter be admitted as a member of the Party.