Daily Archives: 2012-07-17

The “record” $2 million fine

Gordon Lee   On 16 July, LTA announced a record $2 million fine for SMRT, or 1.4% of SMRT’s forecast profit.[1] These figures were splashed over the national newspapers, presumably intending to create a “shock and awe” effect, and to produce the impression that the LTA takes a tough stance on service disruptions. Is the fine significant? Let the market …

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Kenneth Jeyaretnam: Rule of Law – Dirty Tricks?

~by Kenneth Jeyaretnam ~ This is my comment on the attempted action by the Law Society of Singapore against Lawyer M Ravi which I witnessed in court today. When I ran my Hedge Fund I had a “global” remit meaning that I had permission to trade on any and every stock exchange. Potential Investors would usually query that, asking whether …

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