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MARUAH welcomes changes as first step towards universal human rights norms

As highlighted in MARUAH's submission to the United Nations Human Rights Council for the Universal Periodic Review of Singapore in 2011, the mandatory death penalty fundamentally conflicts with international human rights norms. MARUAH is therefore glad at this first step towards consistency with universal standards of human rights%2 but calls on the Singapore Government to do much more. MARUAH President Braema …

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TOC Breaking: MDP to be abolished for drug couriers under certain circumstances

~by Atticus ~ The Government has proposed amendments to abolish certain mandatory provisions in the Misuse of Drugs Act. The proposals will make drug trafficking offenses by drug mules no longer punishable with a mandatory death penalty, but will instead provide discretion for the courts to provide a term of life imprisonment with caning provided that the drug mule cooperates substantively …

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My Thoughts on Religion and Faith

By Li Yiming– Disclaimer: this article is not meant to discredit anyone or any beliefs, but instead merely seek to reflect the thoughts on the recent events and some questions that have arisen from the perspective of a teenager growing up in a Catholic family. With the recent happenings at City Harvest Church, I believe that it is important that …

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Kenneth Jeyaretnam: Response to MSM reports on Singapore's US$4b loan to IMF

~ by Kenneth Jeyaretnam ~ Firstly, contrary to the impression conveyed by the Today Online report (7 July 2012), I took this action in my personal capacity as an ordinary Singapore citizen rather than as Secretary General of the Reform Party. Secondly, I strenuously object to the above Today report which states that: "Over the past few weeks, Mr Jeyaretnam has been arguing on his …

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Bertha Henson: Solemnity at breakfast

~ by Bertha Henson ~ I was at breakfast this morning in my Phnom Penh hotel with two Vietnamese and a Myanmar. One V lady is from the state television, the other from a newspaper and the M represents a company that has both web and print editions. They were among 11 other journalists – from Indonesia, the Philippines, Timor Leste – …

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