Daily Archives: 2012-07-05

Bertha Henson: A smarting SMRT

~ by Bertha Henson ~ No one should be surprised that SMRT got whacked by the COI over the train disruptions. The way the COI went at it during the hearings, it was clear the panel thought very little of the checks SMRT made and its emergency preparedness. What’s surprising is the SMRT response to the report which have been variously reported as …

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One week left to make your AWARE Award nominations

The AWARE Awards is Singapore’s very first award to recognize outstanding achievements in gender equality. Following a successful launch in 2011, the AWARE Awards will continue to honour individuals with the AWARE Heroine (for a woman), AWARE Hero (for a man), and AWARE Young Wonder (for a young person, of either gender, under 30 years old) categories. We are also adding a new category, for …

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