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Tan Jee Say: Ethical Banking and Europe’s “Tail Risks”

By Tan Jee Say – With global financial woes dominating the world’s headlines, it is easy to forget about the existence of ethical banks. They continue to thrive in their quiet understated ways, living out the moral principles and causes for which they are established.  Their principal motivation is not maximize profits or rake in huge bonuses, but to promote …

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Conscription: The Missing Perspective

By Benjamin Cheah – When discussing conscription in Singapore, much time has been spent discussing every relevant viewpoint but the most obvious: defence. Having read Mr Cheang’s thoughts on conscription, I found it woefully lacking in military matters. I make no special claim to an understanding of defence science. I have a mere ten years of casual, informal, research experience …

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TOC Exclusive interview with CHC members

by Gordon Lee TOC sat down with 4 members of City Harvest Church after Sunday service to hear their side of the story about what they think about the recent arrests, the media coverage of the case, and the Church’s Crossover Project. Christopher Pang and Ben Cheng are Executive Members of the Church, Lennard is a Ministry Member, and Clarence is an Ordinary Member. …

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Eyes on Preciousness – A Photo Presentation by Mr Toshi Kazama

Press Release Last year, a small group of us had the privilege of listening to a talk by acclaimed US-based Japanese photographer, Toshi Kazama. Toshi has spent years meeting and photographing juvenile offenders on death row in the United States and Asia. Mr Kazama himself, is a survivor of an attempted murder. Yet, he is also a firm anti-death penalty …

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KJ: An Open Letter to Christine Lagarde Managing Director of the IMF

18A Smith Street Singapore 058932 28th June 2012 Ms. Christine Lagarde Managing Director International Monetary Fund 700 19th Street, N.W. Washington D.C.20431 USA Dear Ms. Lagarde, I am the Secretary-General of the Reform Party in Singapore. I am also an economist with a double First Class Honors BA and an MA in Economics from Cambridge University. I have almost 30 …

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