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TOC Report: City Harvest Church – The first Sunday since

by Gordon Lee As I arrived for the CHC service on a Sunday morning to report from the ground, there was an endless stream of the faithful walking with me on the almost half mile route from Expo MRT station to Expo Hall 1.   It was hard to characterise the crowd as they were truly from all walks of life …

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Bertha Henson: That $50 raise

~ By Bertha Henson ~ There are two stories worth reading and thinking about today and they are not about the PM (the newspapers are still paralysed by him…) nor City Harvest. It has to do with poor people and money. Both are in The New Paper. Go buy. The first is about a cleaner who said no to a pay rise. …

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Asians and Europeans design sustainable solutions at Rio+20

PRESS RELEASE Asians and Europeans design sustainable solutions at Rio+20 Asia-Europe Environment Forum to launch new volume ‘Global Architectures for Sustainable Development Delivery’ at two public panels at the ‘Rio+20’ Earth Summit. SINGAPORE – Global failures to solve environmental, social and economic emergencies will dominate the Rio+20 Summit starting 20 June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is where …

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Welfare states and economic growth — PM Lee Hsien Loong is wrong again

By Tan Jee Say – “Contrary to naïve interpretations of globalization, the world’s most generous welfare states have developed in societies wide open to and heavily dependent on the world market, such as Belgium, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. These welfare states, in particular the Scandinavian ones, always come at the top in managerial rankings of ‘world competitiveness’." So wrote Professor …

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The Truth about that IMF Loan

By Kenneth Jeyaretnam – Yesterday I received confirmation from the President’s office that his permission had not been sought for our republic’s loan to the IMF. So now we know three things in addition to the recent confirmation by the President. We know that parliamentary approval was not sought because it is not in the Hansard We also know that Article 144(1) of the Constitution governing loans has not been followed …

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An “Enlightening ” story of wages in Singapore?

By Leong Sze Hian – I refer to the Ministry of Manpower's (MOM)  Report on Wages in Singapore, 2011, released on 29 June. Basic Wage vs Total Wage In 2011, the real total wages rose by a mere 0.1%, while real basic wages declined by 0.8%. However, the MOM report, which uses a different method of calculation, tells a different story. …

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