Daily Archives: 2012-06-25

Bertha Henson: Trust no one?

~ By Bertha Henson ~ Many moons ago, I was on a panel interviewing a young woman who applied to be an ST journalist. She graduated from a reputable American journalism school, aced her writing test (by that, I mean she scored about 60 per cent – great feat!) and was articulate during her interview. She even had a portfolio of work, …

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Rethinking Singapore's Defence Needs

By Rajiv Chaudhry – It is taken as an article of faith by generations of Singaporeans who have gone through National Service (NS) that Singapore needs a strong armed force and NS is unavoidable.  To suggest otherwise would appear to be sacrilege. But is it? In his foreword to “Hard Truths to keep Singapore going”, former Prime Minister Lee Kuan …

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Singapore's 'Supertrees' Spark Green Thoughts

By Saira Syed – They look like they belong on another planet with their wiry canopies and greenery where the bark should be, but the man-made "supertrees" that sit against the backdrop of Singapore's central business district mimic the qualities of trees here on earth. Seven of the 18 structures are fitted with solar panels that convert sunlight into energy. …

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