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Local Stars to Light Up First Night Pink Dot Concert

Expect an exciting line-up of some of Singapore’s favourite celebrities at this year’s Pink Dot Concert, held at Hong Lim Park on 30th June.   A star studded list of popular local bands, comedians and singers have signed on to participate in what has historically been the largest gathering of people in Speakers’ Corner. This will also be the first …

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As Asia booms, what is cost of success for its young

By Saira Syed – On a Saturday night in Singapore, Nicol and his friends are dancing in a dark and crowded room at one of the most expensive new clubs in the city. As the music reaches a crescendo, the 25-year-old management consultant pumps his fists in the air. For Nicol and others like him partying across the city and …

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Bertha Henson: The price of justice

~ By Bertha Henson ~ There were several stories over the past few days related to the price/cost of seeking justice. a. Whether plastic surgeon Woffles Wu got away with a $1,000 fine for abetment because he is "rich''. b. Whether the sandwiched class can afford legal advice, given the increasing complexity of court procedures. c. Whether you can really ask for …

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World markets rattled by Greek Elections

By Kumaran Pillai – The Greek Elections stunned the world markets yesterday with the minority victory of New Democracy Party. Antonis Samaras, prospective prime minister said, ‘There will be no new adventures or political games. We will work with our European partners and add to our obligations the needed policies for growth and combating unemployment.’ With a weak mandate from …

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PM's Veiled Threat and False Argument

By Tan Jee Say – PM said nothing new in his speech to the Economic Society of Singapore on 8 June 2012. Instead he hardened his position on economic strategy with fallacious arguments, contrary to public expectation of a change in government attitude and policy following his well-publicized apology just before the last general election in 2011. The "alarming implications" …

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