Daily Archives: 2012-06-13

Of rhetoric, profanity, and teachable moments

~ By Howard Lee ~ By now, the exploits of Reuben Wang would have been the stuff of online legends. The 17 year-old junior college student came out of this year’s Pre-University Seminar so antagonised by Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean's evasive rhetoric, that he decided to write a blog post peppered with expletives, some directed at Teo himself, to express …

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Bertha Henson: Just an affair?

~ By Bertha Henson ~ It's the turn of the CNB guy now and I must say his defence is pretty gutsy. Seems he's admitting to personal indiscretions but not to corruption. So he had an affair; or several liasons but not with the intention of furthering the interests of the woman's two employers? You have to read the second ST story …

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Hougang BEhind the Scenes

~ By Cheong Yaoming ~ Barely a year after the General Elections 2011, the ripple effects of events which captured the imagination, set historical precedents, polarised and gripped the nation. Nobody could have predicted this domino effect or scripted such a dramatic sequence of events. Fact, as they say, is often stranger than fiction. Having taken up the role of Interim Executive …

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Cherian George: A code of ethics for Internet readers?

~ By Cherian George ~ Singapore sometimes seems like a metropolis in search of a kampung spirit. And I don’t mean in a good way, like being caring and considerate – if you’ve seen how Singaporean drivers respond to an ambulance behind them (they don’t) you’d realise that when Gotong Royong 101 was being taught in kindergarten, they were probably absorbed in …

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