Speedpost fails to deliver, again

I am writing with frustrations on Speedpost’s incapability to meet their KPI. As the owner of a mail order gallery, being timely on my delivery is one of my primary commitment to my clients. With Speedpost’s repeated delay on my supply, I risk losing customers and my reputation is at stake. Speedpost’s KPI is to deliver on the same business day, if possible, and latest within 48 hours. Here is the chronological order of events on how Speedpost missed their KPI yet again.

29 May

My parcel was supposed to reach me after it arrived in Singapore on 27 May as stated in 4he Speedpost website. That was the deadline of the 48 hours KPI. My parcel wasn’t delivered.

30 May 
The status of the parcel was still being "Processing at Sorting Centre". I called the hotline to explain my situation and requested Speedpost to expedite the delivery as it’s an urgent package. My parcel failed to be delivered by end of the day.
31 May 
The status of my parcel remains the same; it was still "Processing at Sorting Centre". I called the hotline in the morning, the operator said she would sent a prompter to expedite the delivery within the same day. In the afternoon, there was still no change in the online status. I sensed something was wrong and decided to call the hotline at 2pm. The operator said my parcel was with the delivery man and would it's expected to reach me by 6pm, I waited till 6:30pm and there was still no sight of my parcel.
This time I called the hotline again and a lady named Jean attended to me, and I requested to speak to the Duty Manager. At 7:30pm Jean returned my call and apologized that the Duty Manager was busy and was unable to call me. She had taken the initiative to check the status of my parcel with the relevant department, but unfortunately "the relevant department" was unable to locate my parcel and they're trying their best to find it. I reiterated to Jean that I'd only want to speak to the Duty Manager and requested for a return call before they close for the day at 8pm. The Duty Manager did not return my call.
1 June 
I called the hotline at 8:30am and was attended by Des. She said the status in the system indicated thatkthe delivery of my parcel was by yesterday by 6pm but there was no further update shown. Des promised to call me again within 2 hours for an update but after 4 hours 30 minutes there was no call from her. I called the hotline and requested to speak to the Duty Manager, this time I managed to do so and explained my situation to Crystal. She said this time they didn’t know where my parcel ended up. Meanwhile, another parcel which arrived in Singapore on 30 May would be delivered to
me today by 6pm, and she assured me that this new parcel will definitely be sent.
At 5pm, Crystal still hadn't call me on the updated status of the previous parcel. I had to call the hotline again to chase Speedpost for an update, this time another duty manager Harvey attended to me. Again, I repeated what exactly happened, this time there was some i-provement as Harvey put me on hold and follow up personally by calling the relevant departments, he told me my first parcel should be at one of the post offices near my office.
After calling different branches, my parcel was still at the Singpost Centre (HQ) but the staff couldn’t find it physical package. Harvey added that he would get Crystal to call me to follow up on my case by tonight as he was going to off-duty.
At 8pm, I didn’t receive any call from Crystal or any staff from Speedpost. I also lodged a complaint on their website, nobody responds to it either. I am stuck in a situation where my parcels are missing and my customers are chasing me for their goods. 
Could the management of Speedpost help me? Speedpost charges a premium for it’s service but yet fails to meet the KPI. This is not the first time
their customers escalated their complaints to the forum. I hope Speedpost would reflect on our complaints seriously and if need be, overhaul their operational model as it doesn’t seem to meet its own KPI.
Editor's Note:
Rachel Amelda Teo-Tan first submitted this letter to STForum on 1 June 2012 but it was not published.
Her two packages were finally delivered on 5 June 2012 around 4pm, nine days after original delivery date. She had only received one phone call from Speedost around 8.30am that day asking if she had received her packages. No apologies or offers of compensation were made from Speedpost.
The STForum published a letter on 6 June 2012 about another customer's bad experience with another of Singpost's service, vPost.

TOC thanks Rachel Amelda Teo-Tan for her contribution. TOC has contacted Speedpost regarding Rachel's experience but did not receive any response by the time this story was published.