Statement by the Humanitarian Organization for Migrant Economics (HOME)

In response to the speech by Dr Vincent Wijeysingha where he claimed that a major corporation had bullied Jolovan Wham from the Humanitarian Organization for Migrant Economics (HOME) into silence, Bridget Tan the founder and president HOME has issued this statement:

"That is not quite correct – I have told Jolovan Wham not to speak at the event because he is the Executive Director (ED) and HOME is not a political party or association. He has become a public figure because of his work with HOME, hence even if he speaks in his personal capacity, what he says may affect the public's perception of HOME.
Indeed there was a feedback of concern from a corporate sponsor, however my advice to Jolovan is independent of external parties. I am responsible to our board and have acted in the interest of our beneficiaries such as migrant men and women workers availing of our shelter services and educational programmes."