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Maurah Press Release – That We May Dream Again 2 June 2012 (Sat)

— Background to the 25th Anniversary of Operation Spectrum – On 21 May 1987, the Singapore Government mounted "Operation Spectrum" under the Internal Security Act. Sixteen individuals were arrested in the first wave, with another six detained soon after. Two of the lawyers (including a former Solicitor-General of Singapore) who represented these individuals were subsequently detained as well. The arrested …

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In focus: Tan Tee Seng

By Kumaran Pillai and Cheong Yaoming – In 1987, a group of civil activists were arrested in relation to an alleged plot to overthrow the government through violent means and to bring about social revolution through Marxist inspired practices. Till today, the 16 of those who were detained without trial claim that they were innocent and have committed no crime …

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That $400,000 fine

~ By Bertha Henson ~ The number $400,000 stood out in today’s papers, for being the record fine slapped ON SingTel. (I am so pleased that no paper wrote that SingTel was slapped WITH a $400,000 fine! Yay!) A big deal was made about it being a record. But numbers mean nothing without a context. It’s a record but is it high? …

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Parliamentary Approval of Loans: A Case of Déjà Vu?

By Kenneth Jeyeretnam – Following my letter to the Ministry of Finance a lot of people have been asking whether we have been here before with the Indonesian loan shenanigans of 1997. Isn’t this just déjà vu? My answer to that is that I don’t believe so. We shouldn’t get ready to throw in the towel yet. The world has …

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The by-elections and the MSM Saga

  By Loh Wei Wen –    I read the article by Bertha Henson and to my surprise, the author mentions that "I’ve had to face the ire of PAP heavyweights who complain about unflattering pictures or supposedly misleading headlines during past polls or the amount of acreage given to the opposition. Yes, the PAP complains too about media bias."      All well …

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Electricity tariff rises more when fuel prices are up part 2

By Leong Sze Hian –   I refer to the Energy Market Authority's (EMA) reply “Tariff changes mainly due to fuel price changes” (Today, May 17) to my letter “Tariff not falling in tandem with decrease in fuel price” (Today, May 17). It states that “when fuel prices increased by 8 per cent from January to July 2006, the tariff …

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