Move on and re-make Hougang together


28 May, Singapore – Think Centre (TC), Singapore's pioneering political association, extends its warmest congratulations to Hougang voters, the Workers' Party (WP) and its MP-elect Png Eng Huat for its by-election victory. The 62.09% electoral win is not only a resounding mandate for Mr Png and WP after a year of contingencies that beset Hougang SMC, but also a political expression of Hougang voters on dissatisfaction with both local and national policies of the ruling Peoples' Action Party (PAP).

As much as we thank the losing candidate Desmond Choo for offering an alternative and a clean electoral contest, TC expresses its disappointment with the PAP leadership for engaging in petty politics, needless character attacks and deliberate skirting of policy debates. Such a guileless strategy has demonstrated the PAP's disregard for the needs of Hougang voters and cast aspersions on its promise to listen more to the people.

As such, TC continues to reiterate its concerns on policy issues on immigration, employment and incomes issues that impact Singaporeans' human rights to decent wages and work conditions. It is now time to move on and re-make Hougang together with Singapore. Both the PAP and WP must work on such national issues in lieu of the divisive issue of estate upgrading in Hougang. Only then can we take this place we call home towards a first-world nation, where no one is left behind and their human rights fully protected.

Think Centre

TOC thanks Think Centre for their contribution, this article first appeared on their site.