Png Eng Huat: I will work by delivering on the promises made during the campaign

~ By Cheong Yaoming ~

After 9 days of fierce campaigning by the 2 candidates and their respective parties it all came down to these critical final moments.

Mr Yam Ah Mee delivered the results in his signature monotonous voice, the Wotkers' Party (WP) erupted in cheers and whoops of delight. There was even a tinge of relief on Mr Low Thia Kiang's face as he regained his composure and addressed the media.

"I will not speculate on the slight drop in percentage" affirmed Mr Low. Indeed the emphatic margin suggested that Hougang voters remained steadfast in their loyalty to WP despite negative events during the campaigning period.

When asked what the first order of business would be, Mr Png said "I will work! I'll start by delivering on the promises made during the campaign."

At the opposing camp spirits were visibly low but the PAP supporters put up a brave front.  Mr Desmond Choo was magnanimous in defeat as he was during the hustings "I will work with Png to support programmes that are good for Hougang."

What would be Mr Choo's next move? Would he stay on in Hougang again like MP Sitoh Yih Pin did in Potong Pasir? Mr Choo did not want to comment on the future for now. Defeat a second time round would be hard for any person

As the dust settles on another political battle, Hougang residents have yet again shown themselves to be trail blazers. They stood up for their beliefs and weathered all attempts to win them over by the PAP, be it upgrading carrots, exhortations to repent, attempts at character assassination or even sincere promises to serve them better. The 23,000 strong voters of Hougang have shown their true mettle and indomitable spirit once again.