Daily Archives: 2012-05-23

An alternative perspective of the second WP rally

By Texas Hong – I was at WP's second rally of this Hougang by-election. Towards the end of it, a heavy downpour descended upon us. Singaporeans from all walks of life, young and old, men and women, stood shoulder to shoulder in the soggy field, in one of the greatest show of solidarity I have ever seen in my life. Strangers became …

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Workers’ Party balances Hougang and national issues

~ By Benjamin Cheah ~ Desmond Choo is not independent of the People’s Action Party, his candidacy is superfluous, and has been around for only a short period of time. Png Eng Huat in Parliament would check the PAP, would improve the opposition’s standing, and has been working in Hougang since 2006. The Hougang by-election is about national issues. These were the …

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'Marxist Conspiracy' and the Hougang by-election

One Facebooker aghast at the lack of these checks in the 1987 Parliamentary debate on the arbitrary detentions of the alleged Marxist Conspirators comments, "THIS IS WHAT GOES ON IN A PAP CONTROLLED PARLIAMENT DONT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN…vote in WP at Hougaing…. and the others in 2016."

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