Daily Archives: 2012-05-22

NCMPgate: A question of dubious relevance

By Choo Zheng Xi ~ Political pundits are asking: was the Workers’ Party (WP) Mr Png Eng Huat the first, second or third best candidate the WP considered for the post of Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP)? Was Mr Png’s name on the CEC ballot ballot or not? Voters of Hougang should be asking: does any of this matter? Voters of Hougang Single-Member Constituency …

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Business as usual in Aljunied GRC

~ By Cheong Yaoming ~ With almost all the attention focused on Hougang SMC and the by-election, one might wonder if the elected MPs of the Workers' Party (WP) would be able to keep up with their day to day duties. Here is a look behind-the-scenes at Mr Chen Show Mao's Meet the People Session held two days after the first WP …

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Half time report of the Hougang by-elections

~ By Howard Lee ~ Five days of hustings have passed and I am acutely aware that I have missed out on bringing news from the ground. I thought I would at least do the decent keyboard critic thing and pen down my thoughts on how I feel the campaigning is going so far. Judging by media coverage, particularly on the rallies …

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