Daily Archives: 2012-05-21

SMRT Bus Service Drivers Blow the Whistle

This email was sent to TOC and other media outlets by a group of SMRT bus drivers who requested that they be allowed to remain anonymous. With regards to the various reports by the local newspapers, a group of bus drivers from SMRT Bus Service would like to point out that in actual fact, there is no salary increase for …

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Opinions on Hougang By-Election

~By Foo Jun Kai ~ As a 20 year old Hougang resident who cannot exercise his right to vote in the upcoming by-election (due to the voting age in Singapore not being in line with many developed countries as the government knows that allowing those between the age of 18-21 to vote is not advantageous to them), I thought the least I can …

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ISA’s scar on Singaporean society

By Dr James Gomez – The ISA has scared Singaporean society at three fundamental levels. At the first level it has scared the individuals directly arrested and detained. Years after their release, almost all remain traumatized and psychological scarred from the experience. It takes a life-time to break out of this experience. I am glad to note a change as more from …

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A tale of two rallies and Opposition solidarity

~ By Kenneth Jeyaretnam ~ Saturday night I stood in the historic field where many of the Cheng San rallies in 1997 were held. This brought back memories of my father who was then the WP Leader and his confidence then that the 50,000 crowd on the last night indicated a landslide. Of course he didn’t give sufficient weight to the PAP’s …

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Hougang by-election rallies – putting statistics to the rhetoric

By Leong Sze Hian ~   I refer to 'The Straits Times' articles WP 'chose not to send Png into Parliament' and 'Voters free to pick best man' from May 21 2012. Foreign workers curtailed? The former states that “in the past year, it has tightened the inflow of foreign workers”. Based on 2011 data,  local employment grew by 36,600 in while foreign employment grew …

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A Reprehensible History: The Internal Security Act

By Dr. Vincent Wijeysingha – The Emergency Regulations Ordinance, enacted in July 1948, allowed the police to arrest without evidence or warrant anybody suspected of having acted “or being likely to act” in a way that would endanger national security. It also empowered the authorities to hold detainees for investigation without recourse to legal advice and to detain them indefinitely …

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