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WP Focuses on Upgrading Hougang, Transport and Elderly Services

~By Yaoming ~ Mr Low Thia Kiang addressed the press conference with this statement in English and Mandarin: The election slogan for GE 2011 and the party philosophy has been "Working Towards a First World Parliament". Transparency and being responsible to the electorate were key factors for the decision to expel Yaw Shin Leong. Yaw Shin Leong failed to account for …

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That we may dream again: Chiam’s finest hour

Media release “In the whole of Singapore, 2.6 million people, who will speak up for these 15? Somebody has to do the job. It is a necessary job.” – Chiam See Tong. To mark the 25th anniversary of Operation Spectrum in which 15 (later 16) Singaporeans were detained under the Internal Security Act, the Singapore People’s Party with 'Achtung! Productions' …

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Hougang by-election: An occasion for opposition unity

Press statement issued by Tan Jee Say  I welcome the Prime Minister's decision to call for a by-election in Hougang. In addition to allowing the people of Hougang to be represented in Parliament, the Hougang by-election has also put the issue of opposition unity into focus. Our first priority is to ensure that Hougang remains with the opposition and not fall …

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Who’s telling the truth about HDB flat sizes?

~ by Ng E-Jay ~ So, who is really telling the truth about HDB flat sizes? On 26 November 2011, the Straits Times published an article, “Shrinking HDB flats due to need to maximise land and to adapt“. The article stated that according to HDB, the average HDB flat has shrunk over the years, due to the need to maximise …

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Separating Singapore from the PAP

~ By Ghui ~ In the article “Love Singapore, Our Home?”, Jen said “True love for the country is nurtured deep from within, and it is expressed joyously when we feel real ownership and gut-bursting pride for our country which goes beyond love for the food, lifestyle and infrastructure.” (here) I wonder how many Singaporeans feel this spirit of patriotism …

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