Daily Archives: 2012-05-05

Regulations will not solve the problem of distrust

~ By Shermon Ong ~ Recently, there has been much debate over the Code of Conduct (COC) proposed by the government, ostensibly something that will informally regulate the conduct of online discourse, especially political discourse. Socio-political sites and bloggers will be expected to adhere to this COC and weed out any behaviour contrary to this COC. Predictably, and rightly so, there …

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Tan Jee Say: PAP has become incompetent

~ By Tan Jee Say ~ I was a guest speaker at the dinner of Rotary Club Jurong Town on 24 April 2012. I shared with Club members what I thought should be the focus of Singapore politics going forward.  The pre-occupation of opposition parties thus far has been on providing checks and balances to the ruling party. The fundamental …

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Twitter Action on Singapore by Amnesty International

MEDIA RELEASE Amnesty International is emphasizing that time may be running out for the young Malaysian, Yong Vui Kong, who, despite sustained global campaigning, remains on Singapore's death row.  We now await the outcome of his appeal for presidential clemency. This is a very tense time for all of us.  Yong Vui Kong's case has received extensive international media coverage and  has been acted upon by numerous …

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