Daily Archives: 2012-05-04

TB Resurgence and Screening of Foreign Workers In Singapore

~ By Dr Vincent Chia Wei Meng ~ With reference to the Straits Times on 28th April 2012, "tuberculosis (TB) is making a resurgence after some years in decline [in Singapore]." (1) I am increasingly concerned with the way foreign workers are screened for tuberculosis in Singapore, which could have contributed to this resurgence. According to Khin Mar Kyi Win …

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Singapore Currency Traders Must Focus on Domestic and Global Events

~ By Tom Cleveland ~ Newcomers to the world of foreign exchange, or “forex”, trading are often amazed at the amount of information that must be assimilated before trading can begin.  Abundant disclaimers abound that literally “shout” that forex trading is high risk and may not be appropriate for everyone.  “High risk” implies that more knowledge, training, and practice are prerequisites if …

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