Daily Archives: 2012-05-03

Media freedom – a bid for trust in policy making

~ By Howard Lee ~ As Singaporeans – or perhaps only those who go online – we would be familiar with the usual lines of “the government restricts media freedom”, or “the press is controlled in Singapore”, or “the media is forced to self-censor.” Not many would realise that the traditional media in Singapore actually wields quite a bit of …

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The uncanny wisdom of population augmentation

~ By Howard Lee ~ Something felt wrong about the latest suggestion by the National Population and Talent Division, when it projected that new citizenships need to be given out at 1.4 times faster than the current rate in order to maintain "population stability". At its base emotive level, such a suggestion flies in the face of the measures that …

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Amnesty International: Singapore should join global trend and establish a moratorium on executions

The following is a public statement (AI Index: ASA 36/004/2012 ) issued by Amnesty International on 2 May 2012. ______________________ Singapore’s announcement that it carried out four executions in 2011, after no executions the previous year, flouts the global trend toward abolition of the death penalty and reversed a notable reduction in executions there, Amnesty International said today. On 27 …

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