Daily Archives: 2012-05-02

“Love Singapore, Our Home”?

~ By Jen ~ I read a comment in the news by the Chief Guards Officer in charge of Singapore’s National Day Parade 2012. Colonel Desmond Tan commented on the theme for this year’s National Day which is “Love Singapore, Our Home”. He said: “It is inspired by our belief that National Day is a time when Singaporeans can express …

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In focus: Vincent Wijeysingha

~ By Kumaran Pillai ~ In an exclusive interview with TOC, Dr Vincent Wijeysingha lets his hair down and speaks candidly about himself, his outlook, his beliefs and he has a message to his supporters and well-wishers. He was grinning ear to ear especially while answering questions 2 & 3. And he looked serious and uncompromising when he talked about …

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