Daily Archives: 2012-04-30

SDP's Dr Juwita Rahmat speaks about her political journey

~ By Kumaran Pillai ~ A fresh new political talent has emerged from the ranks of the Singapore Democratic Party. Dr Juwita Rahmat, a 33 year old researcher with a local institution decides to follow the footsteps of what so many female political figures like Michelle Lee and Jeannette Chong have done in the past – to try her hand …

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Population: Need 25,000 new citizens?

~ By Leong Sze Hian ~ I refer to the occasional paper, Citizen Population Scenarios, published by the National Population and Talent Division, Prime Minister’s Office, in April. Highlights:- “Singapore’s Total Fertility Rate has been declining. At the same time, Singaporeans are living longer. Our life expectancy is currently one of the highest in the world. At current birth rates and …

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