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Exploring the Extent of Executive Discretion

~ By Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss ~ Part-time cleaner, Mdm Vellama d/o Marie Muthu is a Singapore citizen and resident voter of Hougang Single Member Constituency (SMC).  On 15 February 2012, her Member of Parliament (MP) was expelled from his political party, which left his parliamentary seat vacant.  The next day, the Prime Minister said that there was no fixed time within …

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Royal Elephant Shoots Part II

~ By Kenneth Jeyaretnam ~ Yesterday I wrote about the PAP government’s willingness to bail out the Eurozone with generous contributions to the IMF’s lending facility (here). Yet a US$4 billion loan (which represents more than US$1200 for every Singaporean man, woman and child has seemingly been given without Parliamentary approval or informing Singaporeans beforehand: As usual, this has all been …

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New Leaders to Speak at SDP May Day Rally

MEDIA RELEASE The Singapore Democrats will hold a May Day Rally on 1 May 2012. Party leaders said the rally will commemorate the contribution of workers to Singapore’s growth. Dr Juwita Rahmat, who holds a doctorate in medicine, will speak at the rally. Dr Juwita is a researcher at a local institution. She said, “I believe in an education that …

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Dr. Chee should be permitted to attend the Oslo Freedom Forum

~ By Ghui ~ The concept of human rights sits uncomfortably with Singaporeans. As a country, we have oft been accused of being economical with press freedom, freedom of speech and the like. These allegations have no doubt caused Singaporeans to become defensive, both at a governmental level and at an ordinary citizen level. So ready to deflect any perceived …

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