Daily Archives: 2012-04-24

Chiam See Tong clarifies article on Potong Pasir Lift Upgrading Programme

~ By: Chiam See Tong ~ I refer to the article “MP wants more time to pay for Potong Pasir lift upgrading” published in The Straits Times on 21 April 2012, and to other newspapers running the same story. Some residents of Potong Pasir and well-wishers have expressed concern to me that the article is misleading, had misinterpreted certain facts, …

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Inflation up 5.2% for March

~ By Kumaran Pillai ~ Inflation up in March 2012 due to higher COE prices and as leases continue to be renewed at a higher price. Below is a report from the  Singapore Monetary Authority and Ministry of Trade and Industry: Singapore’s CPI-All Items inflation rose to 5.2% y-o-y in March 2012 CPI-All Items inflation rose from 4.6% in February 2012, …

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Worsening income inequality in Singapore

~ By Wen Shan ~ This afternoon, I was at City Hall MRT waiting for a friend. Today, instead of the usual old lady in her 60s distributing Today papers, I saw this young lady who should be barely 16 or 17. There she was, wearing a Mediacorp polo shirt, working hard and distributing the papers to the commuters passing …

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