Daily Archives: 2012-04-21

Malaysians vs Singaporeans – let’s get this over and done with!

~ By Melissa Tee ~ I don’t know how many can relate to this experience of mine, but I am certain I am not the only one. As a Singaporean student studying overseas, I encounter a lot of other Malaysian students. As the Singaporean community is small and we have heaps of similarities with Malaysians, we interact on a daily …

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Increased political competition raises the bar for the ruling party

~ By Dr Chee Soon Juan ~ The SDP National Healthcare Plan has received many praises. Some of these have come from the establishment, many of whom indicated that the plan is worthy of serious consideration. Unfortunately, these folks have not come out in public to support it. These individuals and organisations tell us in private that they cannot be …

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The Bukit Brown issue: Not enough land? Let’s do the math

~ By SOS Bukit Brown| ~ Let's be clear, Singapore's total floor area, if we add up the floor space of every kind of building in Singapore, is approximately 250,000,000 square metres. If we divide this by the island's total land area of 700 million sqm, it means that all our buildings will only occupy 1/3 of the island if all …

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