Daily Archives: 2012-04-20

SMRT breakdowns causes mayhem to commuters

~ By Aberdyn ~ It appears that Singapore’s public transport services are becoming unreliable in the recent months. Breakdowns have occurred to the MRT system quite frequently. When these happen, it will affect a large proportion of people commuting to work and other places. As a result, a disruption to a free flow transport service may cause massive disruption to the …

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More democracy is the solution, not shock therapy

~ By Kenneth Jeyaretnam ~ Despite Prof Lim’s undoubtedly good intentions, the solution to wage stagnation for Singaporeans is not some central planning directive taking us back to the Soviet era. It is Singapore’s lack of democracy that is holding us back. What we need now is thoroughgoing reform ofSingapore’s political institutions so that they become more democratic and inclusive …

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