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Dirty Little Tactics by SMRT

~ By Ethan Wong ~ The following is Ethan's letter to Minister of Transport Lui Tuck Yew ____________________ I am writing to you with regards to the Circle Line breakdown yesterday. My brother was at Telok Blangah MRT when the breakdown occurs. As everyone knows, it costs 78 cents minimum to enter and exit the same station. $1 if you …

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Exploitation of migrant workers = exploitation of low-wage local workers

~ By Jolovan Wham ~ The Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that is concerned about the rights and welfare of migrant workers in Singapore. We believe that migrant workers should be treated with dignity, respect, and fairness, and we welcome the opportunity to provide feedback on Singapore’s National Wages Guidelines for 2012. We would …

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Public Forum and Launch of the SPP Financial Literacy Awareness Programme

MEDIA RELEASE The Singapore People’s Party (SPP) will launch its Financial Literacy Awareness Programme at a public forum on 21 April 2012, Saturday, 3pm, at its party headquarters (1 Siang Kuang Road, Singapore 347919 [Sennett Estate]). Mr Chiam See Tong, Secretary-General of the SPP, will deliver the opening address. He will then sit on a panel with Mrs Lina Chiam, Non-Constituency …

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Understand​ing the people’s problems

~ By Dr Wong Wee Nam ~ There is nothing wrong for someone to look at his Central Provident Fund (CPF) statement and feel he is rich. It only sounds a bit out of place when it is made during a time of great income disparity and where workers, without the protection of a minimum wage policy, are facing both wage …

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Prof Lim Chong Yah’s proposals are timely and should be implemented

~ By Ng E-Jay ~ Professor Lim Chong Yah, the Albert Winsemius Chair Professor of Economics at Nanyang Technological University and one of the key architects who helped overhaul Singapore’s economic system and wage system in the late 1970s, has spoken out very strongly against the current malaise plaguing low income earners in Singapore. He has also proposed raising the …

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