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Public Consultation – the next step in Singapore’s democracy

Modern democracy traces its roots back to ancient Greece and Rome, where public forums were at the heart of the democratic process. Citizens were free to attend, speak and vote in the assemblies that were the forerunners to the parliaments of today. Democracy was created in direct opposition to earlier systems of anarchy, monarchy, oligarchy and timocracy. Its distinguishing feature was the idea of equality; that all citizens should have a say in the decisions that affect them.

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Speaking up is not anti-Singapore

~ By Jen ~ At a recent gathering with some Singaporean friends, the discussion inadvertently turned to local politics. But when I mentioned Mr Brown, our famous Singapore blogger, one of my friends asked, “Who?” and the punchline came when another friend answered,”Oh, I know! He’s that anti-Singapore blogger!” I was flabbergasted and told her that Mr Brown (whom I …

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