Daily Archives: 2012-04-13

A question of fairness

~ By Ghui ~ The mantra that we are not producing enough babies is one that the government is consistently repeating. This incessant rhetoric has been used to justify the need for more foreigners. Indeed one poor girl was even publicly shamed by former minister Lee Kuan Yew for her singlehood in the name of 'Singaporeans not producing enough children' …

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Preventable Deaths at Traffic Junctions

~ By David L K See ~ I refer to Straits Times article "Right of way dilemma at road crossing" (Straits Times, 06 Apr) and the LTA's long-winded reply "Safety measures at junctions" (Straits Times Forum, 09 Apr).   Singapore has no natural resources, but its valuable resource is its people.  Thus, the unnatural death of any Singaporean, whether young or old, is certainly one death …

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Government engagement – the problem is looking for a solution

~ By Howard Lee ~ If there is any reason to take heart that the Singapore government is doing all it can to engage Singaporeans in the wake of General Election 2011, it will have to be the statement by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Giving an early report card of-sorts for the People’s Action Party leadership since May 2011, …

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