Racially insensitive comment by poly student

~by: Jewel Philemon~

Shimun Lai, a 19-year-old student allegedly pursuing the Diploma in Diagnostic Radiography at Nanyang Polytechnic, supposedly tweeted a racially insensitive comment about a minority race in Singapore, which has now gone viral in the social media.

Earlier today, TOC tried to get in touch with Ms Lai to seek clarification on the issue, but she has yet to respond to our query. 

Ms Lai is a Singaporean and has studied in Singapore schools. Her Facebook and Twitter accounts have now been deleted, but she still has an online presence in other social networking sites. 

One aggrieved TOC reader in writing to us to highlight the insensitive comment said, "it (the screenshot above) has caused some heartache amongst the Indian community. I would greatly appreciate it if this issue received some attention, as I believe in the tenets of multiracial tolerance that has been instilled in us, Singaporeans. I also believe that internet users should be aware of how their remarks and comments can stir up some unpleasant feelings in the society."

TOC has written to Nanyang Polytechnic to enquire if the school will be further investigating the student on this issue.