Daily Archives: 2012-03-22

Sri Lanka's Killing Fields – Singapore should speak up and stand on the side of right and justice

TOC sent the following email to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and to Singapore's Permanent Representative to the United Nations today:   Mr K Shanmugam  Minister for Foreign Affairs   Mr Albert Chua Permanent Representaitve of Singapore to United Nations     Dear Minister and Permanent Representative to UN   As concerned Singaporeans who are keen to see Singapore maintain …

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Why fares should double and other ideas for a better transport system

~By: Gordon Lee~ In this article, I outline a total rework of the transport fare regime can strike a good balance between service standards and affordability. I will focus mainly on the bus network. Proposal 1: Change the PTO revenue structure As the Government pointed out when they announced the $1.1bn bus bailout package, “the PTO’s bus operations are already …

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