PUB's incompetence is one reason for recent floods says a TOC reader

A reader (Philip Ang) sent us these pictures, saying "I read with disbelief PUB's intention to install prototype vertical gratings (link  PUB seems intent to throw money at a problem without first ascertaining if the primary cause of flooding was due to poor (or zero) maintenance of thousands of draininlets."

The reader claims that "thousands of drain inlets island-wide remain choked" contributing to the recent flooding problem in Singapore. 
This the reader claims results directly from an over reliance on machinery and contractors.  "A well swept road could just mean that eaves and dirt are swept into drain inlets, which would be the easiest way to get the job done. There seems to be no PUB officer on the ground, no supervision of its contractors and no post work checks."
Pointing to the fact that "each prototype vertical grating costs $600", the reader suggests that the Environment Ministry "look into this issue before installing tens of thousands of vertical gratings."