Daily Archives: 2012-02-28

Big brother is watching

~by: Teo Soh Lung~ The month of February 2012 must go down as the blackest month for bloggers and every Singaporean who treasures the right to free speech.   It started with Alex Au of Yawning Bread, a very well respected and formidable blogger who does extensive research for every article he writes.  He chooses his words with great care, …

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Spend $30 million to disburse $61 million?

~by: Leong Sze Hian~ I refer to the increase in funding to family service centres of about $100 million, over the next three years (“More family service centres, extra $30m funding in coming years”, (Straits Times, Feb 9). This works out to an annual funding of about $33.3 million. According to ComCare's annual report for the financial year 2010 which ended …

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The Shark Fin debate

~by: Ng Yi Shu~ ~picture: Cheong Yaoming~ Two NGOs for shark conservation, Shark Savers and Project: FIN, protested against Singapore’s unwillingness to ban shark fin products, at the Animal Welfare Symposium last Saturday.  Project: FIN founder Jennifer Lee quoting a WildAid letter in her question to Minister K Shanmugam and the panel at the end of the symposium, protested against …

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