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Budget 2012: Pragmatic in the face of a downturn

~by: Simeon Ang~ Pragmatism, an attribute that our government is known to propagate in all of its policies, is clearly evident in this year’s budget. Analysts were right to tone down expectations about the possibilities that Budget 2012 would pump a huge stimulus into the economy on a short term basis. Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Tharman Shanmugaratnam, mentioned …

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The 'Big Media' of Singapore

~by: Hong Weilun~ Appearing in the news unabatedly since allegations relating to the Yaw affair broke out, pressure within the WP ranks has been pushed up by several notches. Calls for accountability and transparency rolled out as quickly as newspapers came off the press. This is a massive blow for WP, which held itself out to be a champion of …

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TOC dismayed by apparent reversal of 'light touch' approach to internet regulation

~Editorial~ February 2012 will be remembered as the month in which defamation lawsuits, or at least their threat, made their unwelcome return to Singapore’s political landscape. First, lawyers acting for Minister for Law and Foreign Affairs K. Shanmugam wrote to Mr Alex Au of yawningbread.org, requesting that he remove certain comments made by Mr Au (see: HERE). Mr Au has complied. …

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How would Hoh Kah Leong interpret Goh Chok Tong's resignation after being elected in GE 1991?

the following is Mr Low Thia Khiang’s response to Forum letter on Lianhe Zaobao. 刘程强答覆早报读者来信   致:联合早报交流版主编 感谢何家良君今天在联合早报交流站所发表《我对饶欣龙事件的解读》,关心工人党,认为工人党的决定是仓促和草率的。 首先,工人党在传媒报道有关谣言到决定开除饶欣龙,接近一个月的时间。饶欣龙始终不出来表态,也拒绝向中央执委解释。工人党在别无选择之下,依据工人党党章第22(a)条开除他,何来仓促草率? 第二,虽然我和饶欣龙共事多年,但对于报章对他的指控,我和党选举委员会成员之前都毫不知情。如我在记者招待会上所说,“工人党有一套遴选候选人的制度,我跟饶欣龙的关系基本上是在党工作上的关系”。(二月十六日,早报第四页) 我虽然对饶欣龙的背景有所认识,也见过他的家人和出席他两段婚姻的典礼,但我无法也无权力调查个人的隐私和私生活。我是国会议员,不是私家侦探!何家良君说我应该对饶欣龙事件负责,请问我应该怎么负责? 第三,我同意国会选举是严肃的事,且又是“耗费大量财力、人力和物力的事”。如果这次工人党为了饶欣龙不负责任、丧失公信力而开除他,因此造成补选,是“滥用此民主制度的行径”;在1992年,当时的吴作栋总理自动辞职,造成马林百列集选区补选。请问何家良君对身为一国总理在1991年大选中选後辞去国会议席来举行补选又有何解读呢? 刘程强 工人党秘书长,阿裕尼集选区国会议员 备注: 依据新明日报2012年2月20日的报导透露,作者何家良就是前高级政务次长。 Translated Text of the letter to Lianhe Zaobao dated 18 Feb 2012 To: The Editor of the Lianhe Zaobao Forum Page I thank Mr He Jialiang for his Zaobao forum letter (“My interpretation of …

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