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Some fundamental beliefs of the PAP have not changed

the following is a preliminary response to Budget 2012 by Singapore People's Party: The Government has belatedly and accurately recognised how serious the problem with our over-reliance on cheap, foreign labour is for our economy. The flood of cheap foreign labour had provided Singapore an unsustainable economic model. The effect of foreign labour is akin to the use of performance-enhancement …

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How can we trust the Government?

the following is Singapore Democratic Party's response to Budget 2012: Budget At the core of Singapore's economy is the participation of foreign workers. Former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has said that without such guest workers, our economy would collapse. Additionally, he indicated that in 2010 “we've grown in the last five years by justimporting labour."(emphasis added) Given such a scenario, it is …

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A truly inclusive society must include everyone

The following is a media release by AWARE in response to Budget 2012: AWARE welcomes the 2012 Budget’s focus on building a stronger Singapore by ensuring that we are an inclusive society. We are glad that special attention is being paid to the needs of three socially vulnerable groups: older Singaporeans, Singaporeans with disabilities and lower-income Singaporeans. We look forward …

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Budget 2012: An Analysis (Part 1)

~by: Leong Sze Hian~   23 times more surplus? From the originally estimated Overall Budget Balance of $0.1 billion, we now expect a larger Overall Budget Surplus for FY2011 of about $2.3 billion. This is about 23 times more than what was originally projected. With this huge budget surplus what are we doing for ordinary Singaporeans, particularly the lower-income and …

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