Daily Archives: 2012-02-17

An ageing population? – Part 4

~by: Gordon Lee~ Welcome to the last part of this article. In the previous three parts, I have hopefully shown that an ageing population is not as bad as this Government would have you believe. This issue has been unfortunately politicised to serve certain political imperatives, and has become a part of the collective consciousness of this country. In Part …

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Income: What a world of difference without CPF contributions?

~by: Leong Sze Hian~ I refer to the article “S’pore households' median monthly income rises” (Channel NewsAsia, Feb 14). It states that “The Department of Statistics (DOS) said in its latest report, 'Key Household Characteristics and Household Income Trends, 2011', released on Tuesday that the increase was the sharpest for the lower-income group”. According to the Department of Singapore Statistics' …

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Only awareness of issues makes us responsible voters

~by: Ng Yi Shu~ We have all heard it – a new political awakening, an enlightened electorate – the lot. But has anyone wondered what would make us great? I would like to suggest that good decisions – decisions which we are responsible for – would make us great. Our political decisions shouldn’t simply be resigned to voting alone, as …

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