Opposition parties response to by-election in Hougang

Singapore Democratic Party has issued a statement that they will not contest in the by-election. The following is SDP's statement:

The Singapore Democratic Party's primary concern is that the constituency of Hougang must remain in the hands of the opposition. It must not be re-captured by the PAP. This being the case, and if the circumstances remain the way they are, the SDP will not contest in a by-election in Hougang.

Chee Soon Juan


Singapore Democratic Party

TOC has written in to Singapore People's Party, National Solidarity Party and Reform Party enquiring if they intend to contest the upcoming by-election in Hougang. The follwing was reported by ChannelNews Asia today:

"Former presidential candidate Tan Jee Say, who also ran under the Singapore Democratic Party banner at the last General Election, said he does not rule out the possibility of contesting in Hougang as an independent candidate.

He said the first priority is to ensure Hougang remains in the hands of the opposition, and for that to happen, the opposition should work together to pick a candidate they can all agree on.

Secretary-General of the National Solidarity Party Hazel Poa said the party does not rule out the possibility of contesting in the by-election but its central executive council has to meet before making a decision.

National Solidarity Party has responded to TOC saying, "that it is premature to be discussing whether NSP would participate in a by-election when the by-election has not yet been called.". 

The Secretary-General of Reform Party Kenneth Jeyaretnam in his media release, did not specify if his Party will be contesting the by-election to be called in Hougang. He however took Workers' Party to task saying 'WP has taken democracy a step backwards' by expelling the MP elected by the people of Hougang and sending in other representatives from the party to serve the constituents there. See the entire media release by Reform Party HERE.

Singapore People's Party has responded to TOC saying that because their Party "takes a long term view of the party's strategy", they are focusing on the 3 areas of Potong Pasir, Bishan-Toa Payoh and Hong Kah North.

SPP's full statement is as follows:

The SPP takes a long term view of the party's strategy. Our primary consideration when standing for election is how we can best serve the residents in the precinct. In our public statement recently, we have shared our focus on 3 areas in Singapore.

  1. Potong Pasir
  2. Bishan Toa Payoh
  3. Hong Kah North

Our talent pipeline will be groomed to serve residents in these 3 precincts.


Mrs. Lina Chiam, NCMP

Singapore Democratic Alliance's secretary-general Desmond Lim Bak Chuan writing on his Facebook on this issue says, that although WP did not give him "the recognition that (he) had worked the ground at Punggol East", which caused him to lose his deposit in the last General Election, he will still "appeal to the rest of opposition parties to leave Hougang to WP against PAP".