Daily Archives: 2012-02-16

Opposition parties response to by-election in Hougang

Singapore Democratic Party has issued a statement that they will not contest in the by-election. The following is SDP's statement: The Singapore Democratic Party's primary concern is that the constituency of Hougang must remain in the hands of the opposition. It must not be re-captured by the PAP. This being the case, and if the circumstances remain the way they …

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Yaw, the unwitting scapegoat for accountability

~by: Ghui ~ Yaw Shin Leong has been expelled from the Workers’ Party with immediate effect. In one foul swoop, he has lost both his place in a party he helped propel into victory and his role as an MP. For the foreseeable future, his political career is well and truly over. At first blush, this move seems drastic and disproportionate. While Yaw may have …

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NUS Campus Crusade for Christ removes insensitive and disrespectful posters

~by: Jewel Philemon~ National University of Singapore's student group NUS Campus Crusade for Christ has removed a website and several posters deemed disrespectful and insensitive to other religions and communities. The contents of the website and posters said among other things that Thailand is “a place of little true joy. Buddhism is so much of the Thai national identity and permeates …

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Does Shin Leong have a legal recourse?

~by: Kumaran Pillai~ The Workers' Party (WP) has summarily expelled an elected Member of Parliament Yaw Shin Leong with immediate effect for refusing to attend internal Party hearings to account for the alleged indiscretions in his private life. This is the first time the Party has taken such a drastic step on any member according to its Party's chief Low Thia …

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WP now Whiter than White

~Editorial~ It was the move that no one was expecting, and understandably so. Mr Yaw Shin Leong’s sacking from the Worker’s Party is an unparalleled move in modern Singapore’s political history. It also has the potential to be remembered by posterity as a masterstroke, and might just allow the WP to lay claim to the image of being “whiter than …

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