Daily Archives: 2012-02-10

It's the voters who'll have to judge Mr Yaw

~by: Tan Kin Lian~ I agree with the decision taken by MP Yaw Shin Leong to resign as treasurer of the Workers Party and the exemplary approach taken by the leadership of the Workers Party in handling this difficult issue. I also agree with the stance taken by Mr Yaw and the leaders of the Workers Party in choosing to remain silent over the rumors of extra …

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Marine Parade Family Service Centre: Say 'Yes' to Eldercare Services

The following is a press release by Marine Parade Family Service Centre in response to recent reports of neighbourhood residents rejecting eldercare facilities in their vicinity. Lately, some residents have cited varying reasons objecting to plans of building eldercare facilities in their estates. It is appalling how social values are sent down the slippery slope. As a non-government welfare organisation …

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Liberalise entrance from ITEs to Polytechnics

~by: Gerald Tan~ I read with interest the article ‘Further education hot topic at ITE dialogue’ (Today Newspaper, 8 Feb 2012, Neo Chai Chin), where Minister of State for Education Lawrence Wong defended the stand of the ministry with regards to limiting the number of ITE graduates entering polytechnics. There is some truth in the argument that increasing polytechnic places for …

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Whip: To lift or not to lift? What is “a matter of conscience”?

~By: Leong Sze Hian~ The Government Whip Gan Kim Yong in response to a query from Today, said that the whip will be in place when Parliament debates a new formula for ministerial salaries – ““There is no intention to lift the whip. We would only do so if the subject is a matter of conscience," he wrote in an …

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