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Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 Time: 8pm – 10pm Place: Sinema Old School, 11b Mount Sophia, Old School, #B1-12, Singapore 228466 Moderator: Founder and Managing Director of Senatus, Mr Kien M Lee Organised for: Social Media Week What keeps two of the biggest socio-political blogs in Singapore ticking? What do they do in a week? How do their volunteers work? …

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Every Singaporean really does count

~by: Siew Kum Hong~ According to the Heritage Foundation, Singapore has the second freest economy in the world (after Hong Kong). But there is one aspect of Singapore that has always felt to me like a command economy: the way the Government tries to calibrate supply and demand in higher education. On 8 February, the TODAY newspaper reported that further education …

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