Daily Archives: 2012-02-04

The PAP – A victim of its own success

~by: Ghui~ In the 60s and 70s, we believed wholeheartedly in the PAP. They fought for our best interests and we supported them with unstinting devotion. The PAP led us through our separation from Malaysia and saw us through our turbulent years of nation building. We had unwavering faith in the PAP and believed that they brought our little island …

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In defense of young Singaporean adults

~by: Eugene Lim~ I write in response to “The young Singaporean adult” by Ng Kai Ling & Stacey Chia (The Straits Times, Home Section, Page B4, 2 Feb 2012).  The accusations about Singapore youth lacking drive and being unwilling to step out of their comfort zone are overstated and shows a clear distinction between the high chair of policy-making and …

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