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Conversations on mandatory death penalty must be based on facts

~by: Ravi Philemon~ On 1 February 2012, I wrote an article for TOC titled, 'Death penalty has contributed to low rates of drug use? Where's the proof?'. In that article I had said: I refer to the Law Ministry's media release refuting Human Rights Watch's (HRW) country report for Singapore. In its media release the Law Ministry said, " HRW also made …

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Urbanisation contributes the most to worsening flood conditions

~by: C L Cheong~ In the article posted on TOC on January 19, I have attempted to provide, and to share, a perspective of flood problems.  To recap, there are several fundamental aspects to it.  First, floods are caused by two types of heavy storms with different characteristics, one giving rise to localized flash floods and the other widespread, prolonged …

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Chiam See Tong: We have no ill intentions towards the ex-CEC members

the following is a public statement by Mr Chiam See Tong: Some of the claims made in public against members in the SPP and myself have become so warped that I am now compelled to give a personal explanation. The six members of the CEC submitted their resignations to the party on 27 January, asking for that to take place …

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We wish SPP and Mrs Chiam all the best

the following is a media release by the 6 who recently resigned from Singapore People's Party: We are glad to hear that the recent SPP OPC elections was held constitutionally. Such public clarification and accountability bodes well for the SPP's credibility. Our differences in opinion over leadership style have never ever been with Mr Chiam. We hold Mr Chiam in …

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