Daily Archives: 2012-01-29

The barren political landscape

~by: Dr Wong Wee Nam~ The ominous forecast is if we don’t continue to attract a stream of good people into political leadership, we are doomed to become a little black dot. This statement is essentially true except that salary, however high, would not be the right solution to alleviate this problem. There are historical reasons why we are starved …

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Former CNB chief was probed by CPIB in 2010

~by: Ravi Philemon~ A well-wisher of TOC wrote in to us on 25 January that he "had heard from reliable sources a long while ago (early 2011 or even in 2010) that top CID guys are under investigation by CPIB", and that it was around this time that Ng Boon Gay was shifted to CNB. The New Paper confirms today …

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