Daily Archives: 2012-01-25

Does NKF have $27 million more in the kitty now than it had in 2005?

~by: Leong Sze Hian~ I refer to media reports that the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is raising funds from the general public again, after a hiatus of about five years. It has launched a “give $1 a day to help sponsor artificial kidneys” campaign. According to NKF’s website (see HERE), the Ratio of reserves to annual operating expenditure is 4.71. However, this is based …

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PAP supporters are the 'silent majority'?

~by: Ghui~ In the article entitled “Silent Majority is truly disturbing” (Yahoo! News, 19 Jan 2012), the differences between the supporters of opposition parties and PAP supporters were pointed out. While the supporters of opposition parties were prepared to make their voices heard, the PAP supporters were dubbed “the silent majority”. Indeed, the article cautioned the PAP to take heed …

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Pay for Performance

~by: Tan Kin Lian~ I wish to add my views to the big debate about the revised salary package for government ministers and other senior political offices. I find the basic salaries to be adequate for the office bearers and acceptable to me, and perhaps many Singaporeans. Although they are still higher than political salaries in other countries, they are …

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